Maybe you’re the type of person who can’t turn down a challenge… You shred through YA novels like tissues, laugh at the cliché, unrelateable, unbelieveable plot lines, then wonder how in the world this meek excuse for a novel was published when you came up with better ideas for that prank call to your crush’s girlfriend (you know, the one no one was supposed to know about). So you sit. And you write. And you snort about how easy it is, until you hit page three. Then, you realize being a writer is harder than you thought.Maybe you’re the type of boy who’s always dreamed of being a novelist… You spent your early kindergarten years cut off from the rest of the class, illustrating books about a magic cake shop while dictating the narrative to your teacher. You were the one who took your teacher’s advice to heart in the first grade when he promptly announced that the use of the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ in stories were banned. You’re the one who spent Friday nights in the seventh grade at cotillion, dancing with sweaty-handed girls and dreaming of a way to incorporate this into your newest story instead of making awkward small talk. Maybe you’re the type of girl who realized that she’s a pretty good writer… You wrote your heart out in a little purple journal, guarded by a silver lock for years, before stopping and re-reading. Then you realize that, hey, you’re a pretty decent writer, with nothing better to do that needs some ‘umph’ on your college admissions resume (which you’ve been preparing since fourth grade). How else will you get accepted into Yale?

Whatever the reason. As long as I’ve trapped you here, I might as well educate you. Welcome to Every Manuscript, a blog by teen writers for teen writers. Though I’m not published (yet) I’ve collected quite a bit of information over the three years I’ve been noveling. So get ready, teen writers, you’re stuck on the same roller-coaster as I am. At least I can help others along the way. ; )

So what is Every Manuscript?

Every Manuscript is your new best friend, the ultimate guide to getting published for teens across the country.

So how was Every Manuscript created?

This blog came to be from two of my major obsessions... Nah, make that three. 1) Go Teen Writers , 2) Writing, and 3) My guilty pleasure, Yahoo Answers.

Specifically, my obsession with the Books and Author's section of Yahoo Answers. (Above you can see a perfect example of how much I waste my time on that website when I should be writing).
I cannot tell you how many times the following question has been asked.

"How does i get published. im only 13. Thanxsss" or 12 or 11 or 14 or 15 or 16.
That's the reason I made this blog in the first place. To prove that teens can write too! But, as you can tell from the quote (yes, it's a quote), above these teens are going to need a lot of help. 

So what's Eenie Meenie Teenie Writers?

If you've seen Eenie Meenie Teenie Writers mentioned in previous posts, that's before the blog's name was changed to "Every Manuscript: A Teen Writer's Blog".

 So why change the name?

 Using the name Every Manuscript accomplished four things.
1) Made this blog more searchable for Google and Bing
2) Made it A LOT easier to type
3) Matched all the changes made in March
4) Kept the same initials as Eenie Meenie Teenie Writers- EMTW- Every Manuscript Teen Writers

So why are you still reading? Go! Learn! Discover! Quit looking for answers in the boringest section of the blog and do something fun.